Celebrant Services

Change, growth, occasion & loss are all significant parts of our existence.

A trained celebrant helps others mark, honor and/or celebrate any important moments in their life. This includes but is in no way limited to:

  • Hand fasting
  • Weddings
  • Civil partnerships
  • Divorce
  • Naming ceremonies for children
  • Coming of age ceremonies
  • Funerals
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Can our ceremony reflect our personal beliefs?

Yes, our services can be created and conducted to be spiritual in nature, even to the point of incorporating aspects of "traditional" marriage, funeral and burial rites.

Alternatively, people who are completely non-religious may wish to celebrate the essence of a marriage or the remembrance of a loved one, rather than including a deity into the ceremony.

The beliefs, convictions and attitudes of the family members with whom we work with determine the tone and content of the eventual ceremony.

Who writes the words in our ceremony?

For the most part, you do! Organizing your special ceremony and getting in touch with the 'emotion' you wish to mark and honor, can seem daunting. But part of the service we offer as celebrants is to discuss with you ideas and offer suggestions so that you have the guidance to create your own signature-vows and blessings.

These may include help writing your:

  • Naming blessing
  • Hand fasting – Wedding vows
  • Eulogy or Remembrance speech

Can I have a ceremony in private?

Yes! When we think about the most familiar ceremonies (naming ceremonies, weddings, funerals) they are traditionally held with other family members, friends and the wider community bearing witness and in attendance. Some ceremonies are more suited to be held in the intimate and private settings of your choice.

When we think about holding a ritual space to bring about change within oneself. For example:

  • The happiness ritual ceremony
  • Honoring a miscarriage
  • Marking a parting between a couple

It is here that a celebrant service can offer direction in the ceremony, suggest blessings appropriate to the rite and to be the sole witness, offering encouragement.

When an individual wants to transform something 'within' such as an emotional state, this is not necessarily witnessed by the community. The person must make an inward journey and become the change that they seek.

The community may notice, may never notice or it may at least take a significant time for them to notice the change that the person has embodied. It therefore becomes more important for the person to reinforce the change for themselves.

The happiness ritual ceremony available from Francesca for example is very much an inward journey. It is crafted specifically to bring about positive change in the persons quality of life. It is totally appropriate that this ceremony is conducted in private.

I’m here to help you create the ceremony of your dreams. If you would like to discuss a potential ceremony with me, I am here to listen to your ideas and intentions, with no obligation, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to help.

Hand fasting celebration in London

The nitty gritty

Our quotes are given upfront, with all prices agreed beforehand. We will provide a breakdown of the individual costs so that there are no hidden charges and you know exactly what you are paying for.

The majority of our public ceremonies are priced from £595, the cost depends on a variety of factors related to the your wishes regarding your ceremony. These can include:

  • Complexity of ceremony - whether you wish for a small simple service or would prefer a large service with many participants involved in the ceremony.
  • Costs for travel and length of time travelling.
  • Overnight stays in hotel and other costs linked to the location and timing of your ceremony.
  • Upon the fee for your ceremony being accepted and agreed a 50 % deposit will be required to secure your booking.

As long as you have the ceremony of your dreams I'm happy, though this may cost you a little more.

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Francesca is a LifeRites multi faith minister

Francesca is a LifeRites
multi faith minister