Here's what some of our clients have said...

Wedding ceremony

Francesca was the most fabulous celebrant.

Honestly we couldn't have asked for a better person to perform our ceremony, it was like we clicked instantly, we knew she was the right person for us.

Her energy and enthusiasm is truly infectious and she went above and beyond to make sure we were completely happy with everything, even conducting and ensuring people were where they were meant to be on the day.

She was so accommodating of all of our ideas and thoughts and even what she should avoid wearing on the day so she didn't clash with any of the important people.

We loved every bit of our ceremony, so incredibly personal and so us - we even got a lovely print out of the words sent by Francesca in the post which was beautiful.

We would highly recommend Francesca - without question, she made our day!

Shelley & Richard

Wedding ceremony

When myself and my partner decided to opt for a celebrant for our wedding we knew we wanted someone who was special and who was capable of bringing a spiritually holistic outlook on love and the union marriage, we found that in the lovely Francesca.

In the months leading up to the wedding we found communication easy and concise, we were able to communicate the things we wanted to touch on and Francesca helped us mold and create the whole ceremony. In particular she was very helpful with her knowledge of pagan rituals such as blessings to the elements and gods of love.

On the day she was helpful, focused and a calming influence, ensuring that everything felt meaningful and personal.

The ceremony culminated in a beautiful hand binding. All along we felt that we were in safe hands and that she brought her unique energy and character.

We couldn’t have found a more fitting and special person to share our day with.

Kini & Oliver

Wedding ceremony

If you are considering a non-religious celebrant for your special occassion, it has to be Francesca.

We were looking for a non-religious LGBT friendly wedding ceremony and was drawn to the concept of a handfasting. After much research Francesca's profile/website really stood out from the others.

From the moment of that first email interaction, to the first (no pressure) introductory call together- we knew we had found the perfect person for our ceremony.

Francesca has so much positve energy and good vibes that we knew we were in safe hands, particularly with the uncertainty of Covid. With our input every step of the way she created a bespoke ceremony from the blessing we wanted, the vows and even her outfit.

She printed out our vows so they were easy to read/had nice binding and helped us get some absolutely amazing pictures.

On the day was an incredibly calming prescence with a nervous bride (and our too short handfasting cord that she expertly extended!). She really did save the day!

Francesca followed up after the wedding with a kind message and a hard copy of the ceremony for us to keep which was a lovely touch. Thank you so much Francesca x x x

Rachael & Jamie

Handfasting celebration

We fell upon Francesca’s website just by googling and were immediately impressed by how friendly and sweet her website was.

We started the conversation and felt the right connection. Francesca made us feel excited about the whole preparation and ceremony as well as confident that we were in safe hands.

She guided us and inspired us to create a memorable handfasting celebration and made it seem like it was a special yet natural life event.

The ceremony was magical and Francesca sent us a beautiful booklet with the full ceremony written up.

We were blessed to celebrate this special event with Francesca and would definitely have her as a celebrant for our other life events!

Emilie & Colin

Handfasting celebration in London

I would definitely recommend Francesca Hardy as a handfasting celebrant. Last year she conducted my wedding/handfasting ceremony and it couldn’t have been any more magical, wonderful and perfect! Even after only meeting each other once before the day, I felt confident enough to trust Francesca to manage everything.

Being a stressed bride-to-be with a month until the big day, it was a weight off my shoulders to find someone who understood what we wanted. Francesca helped design our ceremony from start to finish, tweaking it until it was perfect for us, even researching new elements we might want to add. On the day I was incredibly (fashionably!) late to the ceremony and Francesca helped to calm the nerves of my jittering husband to be. She even made herself a new outfit for the day to complement our colours (which looked lovely!).

All in all Francesca went the extra mile for us, she’s obviously very passionate about what she does. We’ve received countless compliments of how beautiful, unique, personal and memorable our wedding ceremony was. Thank you so much!

Alison | Kent

Wedding  ceremony

Francesca’s reassuring and friendly approach not only to the planning of my wedding ritual but the actual performance of the ceremony on the day were nothing short of perfection! From providing an enthusiastic, genuine role in weaving our separate ideas together into one very smooth running flow that captivated all who witnessed it, to helping me keep my cool waiting for well over an hour for my beautiful bride in front of a very large audience! She also relieved my wife and I of a lot of stress during the stages of planning. I would definitely recommend Francesca as a celebrant to anyone looking for an unforgettable experience!

Kyle | Kent

Handfasting ceremony

We are so pleased that you’re our celebrant for our handfasting, you totally captured what we wanted for our special ceremony and we are thrilled. Thanks for your easy going nature. We are so happy with your service and would absolutely recommend you.

T & R. | London

Francesca Hardy, Celebrant

Thank you so much for your amazing naming ceremony for my grandson. your interaction with him was kind, powerful and made him feel totally at ease yet still brought home the special occasion.

He loves nature and you were spot on drawing in the Spirit of the Elements for his blessings. Each blessing was the exact enhancement for his potential growth and he loved the connection you created. You made his day very special and one neither of us will forget any time soon. Love and blessings.

W.B. | London

Partners vows renewal in London

My partner and I wanted to renew our vows as well as celebrate where we are now and the future to come for our 10 year wedding anniversary celebration and Francesca was just the celebrant we were looking for!

From the start, she was full of energy and great ideas, she took the time to understand who we were and what was important to us and she talked us through the whole process. She was clear about what we needed to do and what were her responsibilities and as the ceremony got closer and I got more nervous; she reassured me more than once that it would all be okay and it turned out to be a very memorable, emotional, warm and loving ceremony.

She ran through all the different things that could be on offer to make our ceremony ‘about us’, she encouraged us to research what other people had done before and she even offered up ideas on venues to consider when we were in need of help! She went through the different options regarding blessings, rituals and at the point of us discussing the ‘blessing of the rings’ section of the ceremony; we told her that we were getting matching anchor tattoos on our fingers to signify this anniversary. She was so open and keen to create a bespoke blessing for us and she incorporated the meaning of the tattoo into the ceremony and made it very individual and special to us.

She was also very supportive to the people we’d chosen to have parts during our ceremony as they too were nervous to read and stand in front of the crowd. Their feedback was that Francesca was easy to work with; she was friendly and made them feel at ease. We got so much feedback from our friends and family – all singing her praises and saying what a beautiful and emotionally warm ceremony she helped create.

She was a pleasure to work with and we’d highly recommend her as she’s open to your ideas, she’s flexible and will guide you the whole way through the process, helping to make it a memorable ceremony. Thanks Francesca!

Claudine | London

Handfasting ceremony

We would like to thank you Francesca for your guidance in make our handfasting the most amazing day possible, of which our friend and family seem to be still, months later blown away by. Your presence and the energy you brought with you, brought the magic alive within our home, you truly have an amazing soul and we feel tremendously blessed to have had you conduct our ceremony. I don't think we could ever thank you enough. Love and blessings from us all.

Emma & Si | U.K.

Handfasting ceremony

With two weeks to go and nothing planned, we turned to Francesca in desperation. She was an absolute dream from the get go, extremely communicative and supportive throughout the entire process. Not a day went by where the three of us didn't further our plans for the big day and even when that day came, Francesca was super calm and friendly and helped allay any fears we had about what was going on.

The entire day was a giant celebration and without Francesca's wonderful help and support there would have been no blessing (Handfasting) and since my partner and I live in different countries, that's a big deal!

Aleksei & Kerensa | U.K

Handfasting ceremony Avebury

Francesca, we can't thank you enough for helping us create such an amazing Hand fasting ceremony, it was a day we and many of our friends and family will never forget xxx

J.B. | U.K.

vows renewals ceremony London

We chose Francesca to conduct a special ceremony for my wife and I to renew our vows. From day one she was very patient with us and demonstrated real passion and energy. She took the time to find out what was special and unique about our relationship and was full of ideas. I was quite nervous prior to the ceremony, but she completely put me at ease and took charge of everything so that we really didn’t have to think about anything. Francesca later posted us a hardcopy of our beautiful ceremony in a lovely presentation folder, so we have a great memento of the words we said to each other and also of the other speakers.

We received a lot of positive feedback from our guests about what a wonderful and individual ceremony Francesca had created for us and we would thoroughly recommend her. She is a very special lady, full of spark and enthusiasm and she was exactly what we were looking for.

Craig | London

Private Ceremonies

Handfasting celebration in London

The Happiness ceremony you made for me is going great. The dark cloud I was experiencing has lifted about 3 days ago and now lady M is showering me with happiness and blessings. Can't believe how happy I'm feeling and how relaxed I am. Last marigold has really eased me in to magick and I've honestly never felt so refreshed and balanced in my life.

I'm carrying her potion with me and communing with her every day and she is really show her beautiful sunny presence in my life. Things that would normally go wrong and going right I can't explain it - my friendships are getting better and I'm laughing and smiling so much more. I don't feel so stressed and Burdened as I did before. Thanks so much for your help.

H.H. | London


Thank you to Francesca for helping me and my 10 year old daughter Grace through a difficult time. Grace was finding it really hard separating from me and becoming very tearful and upset whenever we parted. I was feeling upset and sad too. We have tried many things to try and help in the past but felt like we needed something more. After discussing the situation and what Grace liked and what the issues could be, Francesca told me that she could make a special magick bottle for her and told me about Lady Marigold. I felt that this was something that my daughter would understand and that having something physical (specially made for her) and someone to turn to when she felt sad would help.

I told my daughter that Francesca was making her a special bottle and blessing it and she was very happy and looking forward to it. She felt the positivity and support straight away. Francesca gave Grace a beautifully decorated glass bottle, some marigold soap and petals and a letter explaining about the power of Lady Marigold and how to be her friend. This was perfect for her and Grace read the letter and followed Francesca’s instructions without needing me to help.

She has continued to look after Lady Marigold and make a special place for her and we do talk about how she is always there to help her. Grace has become more confident and the ‘crisis’ passed. She has had a few times when she got a bit upset about separating but is able to get through this now and says that ”Lady Marigold is always with me if I need her”.

C.J. | London


My experience working with Pino Woman - The Blessing Ceremony: Firstly I have to say the packaging was beautiful it felt packaged with love and good intentions. The instructions were clear and easy to follow.

I decided that the best place for me set up my altar was my bedroom so that I could communicate with her and have her next to me as I slept (and indeed the altar remains as does my connection with Pino). I really enjoyed spending time each day with Pino asking for blessings and recounting the beautiful things in my life both past and present. There was no puff of smoke or a forced epiphany but as the days went by a gentle deep appreciation and connection to something more something that came from that intuitive part of self rather then from the cogitative. I didn't need to understand I just needed to feel connect and experience this powerful ritual.

I feel so much more centered and your right it is an internal state of being grace and love are definitely in my life and things are changing for the I'm more able to deal with the day to day, knowing I have love in my life has empowered me to open more doors and feel more confident and open to experience.

Just as footnote I asked Pino for help regarding one of my beloved dogs what had an infected wound the vet said that he needed an operation. That evening I asked Pino to help not heal but support me to support him. The following day the swelling had gone down when I took my beloved dog to vet for his operation. The vet was astounded my dogs infection had subsided enough for there to be no need for an operation. The vet still cant understand what happened!!!!!!!
Believe what you will!!!!!
Much Love

J.Z. | U.K.


Thank you for designing The Divine Blessing Ceremony, I worked with the Pino Goddess Ceremony, and it was absolutely wonderful. I felt so safe and loved during the ritual that I continue with the intentions in my meditations still and I am so lucky to have made it a part of my life. The feminine grace is so special with this ceremony and it was just what I needed to remind me of the woman I am.

D.L. | U.K.


My experience with the Loved Up ceremony from Francesca has been wonderfully joyful and pleasurable. The ceremony has sent ripples through all my aspects of life, supercharging them with joy, passion, radiance, beauty and most of all love.

During the ceremony, I started to notice that my powers of attraction and manifestation had received a mammoth boost, and pleasures just kept tumbling into my lap. Since completing the ceremony, I feel wonderfully light and bright, very optimistic and positive, and have noticed that my powers of attraction have genuinely been strengthened. I have since found it very easy to shed old limiting and holding patterns of thought and behaviour, and step into greater positive levels of existence. My work life as gracefully shifted into pleasurable levels, and I have favourable drawn the attention of my bosses to my work. My personal relationships with friends and lovers have shed old wounds and hurts, and a flowing gentle connectedness has formed. My relationship with myself has greatly deepened, and I have found wonderful contentment and joy in just being my authentic and beautifully attractive self. Oh, and there has definitely been a boost to my sex life.

The Loved Up ceremony was very easy understand and follow, with each step being outlined and explained clearly. The structure of the ceremony made me feel gently guided and I never felt like the process was a bore or chore. The ceremony completely managed to meet my needs, easily fitting into my life and as per the instructions was able to be adapted as was required.

I feel as though my relationship with the Red Mother herself has been the greatest development, where I authentically feel a strong connection to her in my life now. Each moment I can, I sing songs to her beauty and radiance, and the ruby-red love song of the cosmos, the rose joy-tide, sings back.

I would absolutely recommend this ceremony to anyone wanting more joy, more love, more radiance in their lives, and to anyone who wants to increase their levels of appreciation and positivity.

W.K. | U.K.


The Happiness Lady Marigold Ritual Ceremony:

I have suffered from chronic anxiety for the past 2 years and deep feelings of irrational fear were destroying my daily well being. I had tried antidepressants the first 6 months with little relief. I tried every supplement recommended for anxiety on the market. As a last resort, I considered using magick and so I began the Happiness ritual with Lady Marigold (from Francesca) I followed the 9 day ritual with the Lady Marigold Potion.

I prepared my list of disappointments for my 3 day ritual bath and I was shocked to see how long my list was! These first 3 days were quite an experience in facing my feelings. The next 3 days of the ritual bath were an eye-opener as I just laid in the bath allowing the golden radiance to soak through me. I began to feel a beautiful golden relief slowly creeping over me. On the last 3 nights I was flying with new energy and optimism as I allowed Lady Marigold to heal me.

I carry my Lady Marigold talisman vial that was made for me by Francesca I wear on my person 24/7. I have received deep relief by connecting with Lady Marigold whenever I feel any fear enter me. My yellow and orange wellbeing alter has grown beautifully over this past month. I have found the support I needed in Lady M's radiance! I could not be more grateful!

Thank you so much Francesca.

Laura | California


I performed the Happiness Ritual Ceremony to help with feeling a bit blue and lonely, I wanted so bad to be in a relationship and having had recently moved to a new city and although I loved it, I just felt I doubted myself and hadn’t quite landed in London properly. I did perform the ceremony and took your advice on board, I was really surprised at how much I cried and released those first few days, Francesca I didn’t have any idea how much sadness and disappointment was being held in my body.

The next three nights were a relief as I just felt a real sense of peace, I could feel and sense Lady Marigold’s sunny radiance filling me up, cell by cell just improving me from every direction with good feeling and positivity. The final 3 nights I did what you suggest in the ritual and I really went for what I hoped and dreamed for truly, really and deeply, god it was so lovely to feel hope and good vibrations.

I did summon joy as you suggest and I did genuinely feel happiness. I was walking round afterwards with a smile on my face, in fact I have found that every day since, I actually catch myself smiling for no apparent reason! It’s weird because I didn’t think a Happiness ritual would do much more than probably just uplift me a little bit, I had no comprehension how profoundly deep, clearing and transforming plant magick can be in ceremony.

Thank you so very much.

John | London


Bespoke Blessing ceremony and ritual practice:

I contacted you because I admittedly was feeling out of sorts and just a bit stuck in my life, when you suggested a blessing ritual with the Goddess of consecration Pino Woman I must admit I didn't think you had grasped entirely the change I was seeking, who wants a blessing when you need change?

I didn't get it but I did trust you, I did trust that with magick you don't tick boxes, you seek results for people. I followed the 28 day Blessing ritual you provided for me. 28 days doesn't sound long but it didn't take long for the Goddess power to start swirling around me with your suggested daily ritual practice and actually it got so powerful at times, it felt like an initiation ceremony of sorts!

Never had I truly understood the power of Blessing until this ritual, you were correct that Pino Woman sweeps our perception clean by making the mundane sacred so we can 'see' truly. My life changed purely because I could see that what I was participating in no longer served me. A lot of water has passed under the bridge now and although the power of blessing bought me upheaval in order to clear out and take care of business, I now can honestly say it was a powerful, life enhancing, authentic rewiring of my entire life.

The goddess Pino, blessed every corner of my life. Thank you for offering such a powerful ritual practice. It was the real deal.

Mark | Scotland


I worked with the Lady Marigold ritual that you offered me which included the 9 night ritual bathing, using her soap, carrying her potion on me and being open to her healing and guidance.

I wont lie... it was emotional for me and I cried buckets in the initial phases of the journey. To summarize my transformation and her gift to me 'the bullshit of the past is the bullshit of the past' I am full of light and I really feel strongly that's thanks to Lady Marigold. She's a very magickal plant spirit!

Thank you

K.M. | London


I just wanted to let you know that my teenage daughter is doing a lot better, I feel sure that your ceremonial remedies really helped and wanted to say a heart felt. Thank you.

K.J. | U.K.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for connecting me to the Red Mother Goddess I have tried a few Goddess type things before and even though they felt nice nothing has ever felt like using your Red Mother Products!

The connection is so real, so strong and the Red Mother is a presence I can feel in my life! I feel more confidant, sexy and my love life has improved++++ Thank you for your kindness, encouragement and for your product line.

You and the Red Mother Goddess rock!

Diane | New Zealand

Francesca is a LifeRites multi faith minister

Francesca is a LifeRites
multi faith minister